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Choose us, not them: Why IKIO is your go-to brand for LED lighting solutions

We have not one, not two but seven different reasons for why you should choose IKIO as your LED lighting partner over other lighting brands.

Business owners often spend many-an-hour contemplating whether or not their lighting woes can be taken care of by resorting to the industry’s existing biggies. Some have great products on offer with a hefty asking price; others are affordable but do not boast great quality and sustainability. IKIO, famed for creating and providing lighting solutions like never before, has set a benchmark with quality products and services on offer. So while you spend hours Google-ing the ideal LED lighting solutions provider, we’ll help you end the dilemma with a few reasons as to why we are your go-to solution for it all.


  1. One-stop Destination

Being one of the leading manufacturers of LED lighting solutions in America, IKIO leaves no stone unturned to meet every requirement of their customers. From commercial to residential and industrial to areas with harsh and hazardous environments, IKIO has a range of exclusively designed LED lights that can cater to your lighting needs in all such areas. Not just that, realizing the exponential growth in the demand for horticulture lighting we have engineered special products that can help in achieving higher plant growth.


  1. Vertically Integration – High Value Generation

IKIO proudly boasts of its highly vertically integrated setup that allows us to deliver high value LED lighting solutions. Through our strategic sourcing capabilities and a number of in house manufacturing capabilities, we ensure high value and great quality. Our in house Injection Moulding Facility and Fully Automated Powder Coating Facility help us achieve the same. Not only that, we have an in-process rejection rate of less than 0.68% which is one of the best in the industry. Strong and lasting, what we bring to you in terms of quality is something that will be a good investment.



  1. Constant Dedication to Innovation

IKIO is one of the fastest growing LED lighting brands in America and our relentless dedication to innovation is the key to this success. We strive to innovate and develop new ideas through our consistent focus on R&D and operational excellence. This endeavor of ours has enabled us to develop some market disrupting products such as 200 lumens per watt Superia high bay and newly launched CCT & power selectable products.



  1. Long life-span

When the idea of investing in LED lighting dawns upon a business owner, they can’t help but worry about the life-span of the product. With IKIO, it is no longer a matter of concern because we deliver solutions that do not expire in a jiffy. Our lights have a life of 20,000 - 100,000 hours. Therefore, you need not worry about replacing it every other fortnight. 


  1. Environment-friendly

In a world where global warming is a serious cause of concern, IKIO is leaving no stone unturned in creating a product that does not harm the environment. We create our products with sustainability in mind, and to that front, we’re very well on track with the aim of reducing the world’s carbon footprint by 20-30%. What we bring to the table is something that produces low infrared output thereby reducing radiated heat. Furthermore, it’s a silent product that saves your ears the pain of loud noises. 


  1. Cutting down on by-products

Waste management continues to be a serious cause of concern when it comes to the condition of our environment, and IKIO is making its contribution in this sector as well. By producing long lasting and strong products, we save you the hassle of regular investment while ensuring that too much of our work does not go down the drain every other week. Instead, our products are manufactured to keep you covered for months in one go.


  1. Quick Shipping

IKIO can be your reliable LED lighting partner when it comes meeting your lighting requirements in a stipulated period of time. We understand your need for urgent deliveries, which is why we keep our warehouses well-stocked at all times. It barely takes us 3-4 working days to deliver an in-stock product. However, if a product, for some valid reason, goes out-of-stock it can be transported in not more than 3-4 weeks by air and 5-6 weeks by ship.


So, for the responsible group of millennial business owners who like to keep work and pocket covered while not compromising with the environment, IKIO is the go-to brand in terms of LED lighting solutions, one that brings excellence to the table with no underlying catch. 


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