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High-Quality Products Equal to Customer Satisfaction

At IKIO, we believe there are no substitutes for quality. Our robust testing centers and numerous manufacturing quality certifications speak volumes about IKIO’s tryst with quality and build confidence among our clients.

Of all the qualities of an LED manufacturing company that you factor in, reliability is the bedrock of all. And that reliability is built with high-quality products and solutions, which are a result of stringent quality control and testing.


Continuous and consistent focus on R&D with the help of a world-class team of engineers.


Extremely low in-process rejection rate, ensuring quality while keeping a tab on material wastage.


Major quality certifications for manufacturing, like ISO 9001, 14000 & 18001, and OHSAS.

Stringent Tests

No-compromise quality testing and analysis using spectrometer, thermal chambers, LCR meter, isolation tester, etc.

Impeccable Quality - Our driving force for everything that we do here at IKIO

With over three decades of experience, we have developed a deep understanding of the science that drives LED lighting systems to deliver you a complete range of LED solutions in line with your application.

Here at IKIO, we are committed to our promise of delivering high-quality products that you can truly rely on and for that, we undertake some stringent quality control and testing procedures:

  • Our leading-edge begins with Proven and Tested Materials that provide high-efficiency and reliable performance for each luminaire found in the portfolio of our products
  • Before any LED Light or lighting product is released, it is tested under strict guidelines at in-house Quality Control Centers
  • Well-organized System Architectures ensure that potential product failures are arrested at an early stage and product reliability is precisely calculated.
  • Effective Reliability Models & Simulations ensure accurate prediction of product lifetimes.
  • Well-structured FMEA Approach in the Product Development Cycle allows consistent product improvement